Lake Tekapo x Mount Cook

Being the more spontaneous one amongst the both of us, Jeff decided that this winter would be perfect to do a road trip around New Zealand’s South Island because when the man wants snow, he has to have it.

Be sure to scroll all the way down to watch our video!


It’s yet another one of our classic quick weekend getaways so we chose to just visit each of our favourite places – Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook. There was a lot of driving to do as we started our journey from Christchurch but the weather could not have been more perfect than what it was that weekend!



We were so surprised to be greeted with clear blue skies as we’ve been hearing all about the gloomy weather down south leading up to our trip.


My last visit to Lake Tekapo was more than four years ago, just before I moved up north. That place is a keeper of a few significant memories and remains my favourite place in New Zealand. While you have the colourful lupins blooming in summer, during winter, it’s a change of landscape as you have a full view of the snow-capped mountains to admire before you.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t stay to do some star-gazing that night, but just being back here is good enough for me.



Mount Cook, on the other hand, is one of the places that Jeff has always loved to be at during winter! The minute we arrived at our lodge, he was like an excited child to see the national park covered in snow and was quite reluctant to get back indoors even as the day grew darker and our ears were freezing from the cold.



Funnily enough, this is my first time being at Mount Cook and I am looking forward to coming back to do a few of their walks.




This video is different from our previous ones as we decided to do a bit of vlogging for a change. Watching it might give you an idea of how beautiful the scenery was throughout our entire road trip, hope you guys like it!


Ten Things You May Not Know About Travel Blogging

Every now and then, I get questions about this space – Mostly about how I do it and what it takes to continue this hobby of mine. I’m all about sharing what I love (in bearable portions) so this post is especially for all the curious cats out there.

You never know when you will provide that initial spark for someone else’s inspiration!

1. For a start, I do it for a simple reason that I forget so easily.


It’s an amazing way to remember your travels; the photos/videos you’ve taken, the places, feelings, experiences, and details that you are likely to forget many years from now. 


I do a bit of both digital and paper archives and looking back at my archives from years ago makes me laugh at how far I’ve come in terms of writing.

Sigh, no improvements in grammar though.


2. It’s a hobby that’s pretty easy to pick up.

If you ever end up at a place that you’d like to remember, it all starts with you using your phone camera, creating a username on a free website platform or picking up a pen to write in an empty notebook if you’re old school that way. 

You don’t have to wait for a big overseas adventure; exploring a new part of your town for its latest attraction/ event is a good enough reason to start!


3. Travelling is addictive.

Once you start going places, you’d find yourself constantly wanting to see new sights, explore areas that you’ve heard so much of, or even return to some of your favourite places for nostalgia’s sake.


4. Having said that it’s easy to start, it doesn’t necessarily get easier the more you do it.

Just like any other hobby, it needs effort and commitment. On several different occasions, you will lose motivation to write, you will experience a drought in ideas or you get frustrated with all the required effort to make good content that you end up losing interest altogether!

That’s where being extremely passionate about what you do is important.

5. There’s a lot more effort going on behind the scenes, usually more than what you think it takes.

I really wished that all it takes for me to churn out content, think of a catchy title, write a couple of hundred words, edit photos and/or edit a video for a single blog post is just a cup of coffee.

Well, it isn’t.


On average, it usually takes a few hours spanning over a few days, sometimes weeks when I procrastinate (which is most days), which equates to several cups of coffee.
And cake, heh.

Nonetheless, it’s a huge sense of satisfaction once I’ve done it.

6. Having the RIGHT company does matter!


I hope that you will always enjoy your travels with those who enrich your experiences wherever you are. If you dare take the plunge, then travelling solo is a great way to do things at your own flexibility!


7. Making time for both Reality and Digital

Especially with travel blogging, it’s a fine balance that I always try to maintain for this point; allocating enough time to capture what we need on cameras versus truly enjoying the experience without any electronic distractions. 

At the end of the day, what you want is to be present; to be able to fully experience that moment. Remember, some things are memorable enough that you do not need the power of social media to do it for you.

8. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are various means of getting from one place to another and it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive option. Figure out a suitable budget that you’re comfortable with and work within those limits. 

On the same note, you do not necessarily need expensive gear or editing tools to take pictures or videos – most of what we use are secondhand as we enjoy sourcing for good deals whenever there’s a chance!

9. What you read are mostly the highlights of my travels but honestly, there are also some not-so-good moments.

The thing about carefully curated travel posts is that I am almost always depicting the highlight reel of what I’ve experienced. On unlucky occasions, there have been cancelled flights, getting lost in unfamiliar territory, the anxiety of knowing you could be in a dangerous situation…

Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen very often.

10. You’d be surprised at the opportunities that you might come your way, just by doing something you really love.

The more you delve into something, you will gradually find yourself getting amongst a community of like-minded people, or rekindle relationships with people who share the same passion as you do, and on a very lucky day, it could possibly lead to other surprises like event passes and a glass of bubbly!



Stairway To Heaven – Paekakariki Escarpment Track!

As we move into the beginnings of winter in New Zealand, I’ve been more inclined to keeping myself warm indoors because let’s face it, the wet and cold aren’t exactly my favourite conditions to be outdoors. Yesterday however, we made an exception for this particular walking trail along the Wellington coast and despite ending up with frozen ears, the track was as beautiful as what we hoped; definitely a track worth doing!

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Video: Our Recent Weekend Shenanigans!

When some people say that they can’t keep up with our whereabouts, we can’t help but agree with them sometimes, heh.

There’s hardly been a weekend this year that we’ve not been out and about, whether it’s exploring a new walking trail, eating good food, drinking good coffees and wine, or just enjoying good company.

Fret not, here’s a video compilation by NZwanderer of what’s been happening in March and April. Let us know if you like it, we might make more of these if it tickles your fancy!

It’s A Wedding Weekend At Christchurch!

Two weekends ago, it was an absolute privilege to have Catherine and Eugene invite us to archive memories of their most important day into photographs. It was another one of those whirlwind weekends of us travelling, this time to Christchurch to be part of their special day.


From what started as a freezing morning when we landed at Christchurch airport, the day unfolded into hours of warmth and sunshine at the Pemberton Gardens; a perfect day for the beautiful couple to say I do with friends and family to bear witness. 



She was indeed a very beautiful bride, and you could tell that Eugene was beyond ecstatic when walked down the aisle towards him. It sure was a fun photoshoot with the complete bridal party; as you can tell, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen had quite a few poses up their sleeve!




You could say that wedding photography is such a contrast from our usual travel and landscape visuals, but the both of us had so much fun putting this together. Thank you, Mr and Mrs Nagae for allowing us to witness a union so beautiful as yours!


Manawatu’s Relay For Life; A Photologue.

Every year, this event has always been much anticipated amongst the locals, and this year was no exception! For many personal reasons, the fight against Cancer is a cause that is very close to my heart, so it’s great to be part of an event that truly reflects this cause!


Click through for more pictures!

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New Zealand Coffee Festival 2018 #NZCF

My smile in that top photo pretty much sums up how excited I felt to be surrounded by caffeine last weekend. I hardly ever stop by Auckland for leisure but when I do, it’s for Ed Sheeran and of course, the New Zealand Coffee Festival!

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Neither Here Nor There.

Tonight’s scene is a long transit at the airport, and with a glass of wine at hand, it’s easy for the mind to get carried away with an overflowing thought process that sometimes manifests into a word archive, like this one.

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What a weekend in New Plymouth looks like.

Not too sure about the rest of you, but I am all about maximising my weekends during the summer months; when days are long, filled with sunshine and warm temperatures are almost guaranteed – It’s a great time for that spontaneous road trip, attending a festival (or two) or explore a hiking trail that’s waiting to be ticked off your checklist.

If you haven’t been to New Plymouth, it’s about high time you made this your next road trip destination; it’s a place that I find myself constantly going back to every summer, either to just have a staycation in town, to climb mountains, walk along its beautiful coast or all of the above.

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An Unpublished Photologue of Bhutan.

You may have heard of Bhutan being the Last Shangri-La the world will ever see, but other than that, this country has maintained much of its elusiveness being nestled within the Himalayas, preserving much of its timeless and untouched beauty.

Having set foot in this place, I left with an unexplained sense of attachment and fondness, even more now that I revisit old photo archives of my travels after all these years.

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